Brylee Williamson

Have you ever met someone who’s living the epic poem Invictus written by William Ernest Henley?  I’ve recently had a cup of coffee with Brylee Williamson, and she’s an amazing spirit who’s forging her path into modeling.  After coffee, conversation and laughs she reminded me of key parts of the poem Invictus.



Brylee is all about self-mastery I’ve learned that her humble beginnings have taught her much and one thing for sure it has taught her how to be free to do what she loves.  Scroll below to see portraits created during our photo session.  As a photographer, I enjoyed the natural and full range of emotions she was able to deliver.

  1. Tell me about your favorite scene from your favorite movie?  My favorite scene from any movie has got to be in Crazy Stupid Love. When Emma Stone goes from being this confident, cold, wet dramatic woman to this adorable little girl to him. She then stands up for herself claims she is sexy and makes Ryan Gosling take his shirt off. She doesn’t let it go PG-13 she makes it known she is there to bang. She takes what she wants at this point. The best is when he takes his shirt off and she says ” seriously it’s like your Photoshoped” my favorite scene in any movie
  1. How did you get started with modeling? I kinda just dabbed a bit in modeling after high school. Just fooling around with friends. When I moved to Okinawa in 2013 I really picked up and started shooting more and more by joining the Okinawa Models group.
  1. Who is your favorite model and why? My favorite model would have to be Cara Delevinge even though she doesn’t model much anymore. First off her eyebrows I’m like extremely jealous of them. She never lets anyone control who she is, she is real and down to earth. She is not afraid to say what she believes even though she is in the public eye. She breaks down the barriers of modeling and I hope to follow in her footsteps.
  1. Who would you give the most credit to you being a free spirit? Me being a free spirit comes from myself. I had it tough as a child, I don’t talk about it too much and not many people know but it taught me to just be free and do whatever I want. Sure sometimes I overthink.. actually I overthink a lot but I am a free spirit and will always do what I love.
  1. What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume or social media? I think the most interesting thing about me would have to be how obsessed I am with biology. I graduated with a minor in biology but I continue to study outside of school. I tend to read biology text books for fun and love to talk about the human cells.

BONUS: What has been the best advice you’ve received about modeling? The best advice I’ve gotten from my two mentors Koel Braxton, and Michael Taylor would be, be selective, don’t work with people who are gonna make you look bad. You are marketing yourself and you need to put that first.

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