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Where did you get your first tattoo?

My first tattoo I got when I was 15 years old in Francisco Beltrão, Brazil.  Marcelo Casanova “D2” was telling me that he had a tattoo machine, I was so excited that I didn’t give him the chance to talk, I grab the first magazine I saw, and the only “image” I found in that magazine was a drawing of a voodoo doll hanging herself, stitches on her mouth with a Green Day shirt on it… That was the only design I found.  Other pictures were of food and outdoor images (definitely not a tattoo magazine) lol, I was excited about the fact we had a machine, and I couldn’t wait.  I still have my voodoo doll tattoo, it looks like a coconut tree hehe but I promised D2 that only he can “touch it,” this is his work, his story, and how he started!  I’m so proud to see how great and such an amazing tattoo artist he’s become!









Tell us about you, how did you get into tattooing?

I never had the chance of finish my studies because I started work early. Also, I was young when I started drawing and at the age of twelve, I was charging a couple of “coins” for my for tattoo designs…  I always had the passion and the complete respect for artists who gave their art a soul, because that’s been my vision since I was a kid. Being a painter is amazing but the difference of leaving your art inside of four walls than to be a tattoo artist and give your art a soul, freedom.  I never thought of becoming a tattoo artist till one the day I met Max “Macarrão”.  Eight years ago I was on vacation in Spain, and I met Max and his wife at a bar, he was this dude with Rad tattoos, cool older man, I couldn’t stop looking at him… Fascinated with how inked up he was. We were talking, and I mentioned that drawing was my passion, I pulled out my phone to show him a couple of my drawings.

Max: Have you ever thought about becoming a tattoo artist?
Me: Haha… (Nervous) Noooo, I’m sure I would mess it up.
Max: Lol you will become a tattoo artist, come by my studio tomorrow.

After that day he taught me day and night for 28 days, I knew it wasn’t enough to start tattooing on my own so after I returned to Japan the first thing I did was look for an apprenticeship studio. My very last day, I was telling everyone goodbye, he called me to the side and said:  Hey Eve, listen, I know this is not much, but it’s enough for you to start it, go back to Japan and make me proud of you! (he gave me a tattoo machine, a couple disposable needles, grips and some black ink.) I will forever be thankful to Max for believing in me.












Name: Tobi
From: Fukushima
Tattooing since: 2002
Tattoo type: Old school

Ink 8 Board Tattooist.







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