Hit Record

People In This City

Winning an Emmy with Hit Record has to be one of my happiest moment.  What’s “Hit Record“?  If you think about YouTube and the way people just post videos on the site, well the way Hit Record is different is once you submit something to the site you no longer claim ownership to it.  You can make something, and people will resource you as a reference, like someone would write a story (I’m a voice artist), and I would do the voice recording for that work.  Someone else would take those two things and then animate it, and then someone would take those three items and then put a musical score over it.  Also, someone would probably take all of that, mix it up and change it into something different.  The way Hit Record the show works is it’s like a variety show; we’ve got animated films, songs, writings, music videos and drawings, etc.  One of the biggest pieces of work that I’ve collaborated on was during season one, and it had almost 300 contributors for it that turned out a 3 minute short animated song.  The happiest part for me was just being in the moment and called my mom after it all… I was like HEY MOM I won an Emmy… My mom was like, wait… really?  And as much as I love her it came across like you didn’t win an Emmy, and I think she just couldn’t believe that I won an Emmy as much as I couldn’t

What’s next? To keep working and I wonder if we could win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (EGOT).