Keith Flack Lounge


Friendly people, good food, and talented musicians!  A while back I met up with Takashi Uchida at Manu coffee shop where we discussed our passions for music and photography.  After our conversation, we stayed in touched and I later ended up photographing one of their events.  It was FUN, for me Night/Club photography was like riding a bike for the first time, but once I got going with photographing the environment in low light conditions we had a fantastic time.

IMG_2101 IMG_2117 IMG_2110 IMG_2419 IMG_2148 IMG_2156 IMG_2065 IMG_1990 IMG_2031 IMG_2234 IMG_2212 IMG_2430 IMG_2345 IMG_2015 IMG_2368 IMG_2306 IMG_2399 IMG_2403 IMG_2448 IMG_2511 IMG_2557 IMG_2515 IMG_2322 IMG_2572 IMG_2567

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