The Holiday Hustle

When I run, I am free.  There is a lot that happen during my morning and evening runs… I get to plan, think of everything or just think of nothing.  I relax, run to bring sexy back, see my local community, clear my mind, reduce stress, think of new photography ideas, appreciate work and plan family fun days.


This week I’ve been CHALLENGED!! The Holiday Hustle is a personal challenge or a challenge from a friend to see how many miles one can run between Thanksgiving (Nov 26th) and the New Year (Dec 31st).  There are two ways to win 1st way is to reach 100 miles before anyone else; 2nd way is to run the most miles between Thanksgiving and New Years!


My results (to be continued… See below )



Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.59.06 PM



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