Zina Singh

I’ve always been interested in the artist behind beautiful Henna Art.  Meet Zina Singh she’s a mother, passionate artist and business owner of “Heena by Zeena”.  While visiting Melbourne I was able to collaborate with Zina and the talented Nancy Sobti, she was our muse for the evening.  I had a great time shooting this event but more importantly was the kindness, conversation and hospitality received by these two phenomenal women.  If I were to use only five words to describe the artist know as Zina aka Heen by Zeena they would be…


  1. Tell me about your favorite scene from your favorite movie? It’s hard to answer as I hardly watch movies but I would say ‘I’m Flying’ scene from one of my all time favourite movie Titanic. The feeling of being free to fly and explore the world on your own terms, and to do so with the one you love is so amazing.
  1. What’s the most interesting thing about you we wouldn’t learn from your resume or social media? I am completely self taught. I practice constantly on my friends and family to perfect my skill. What went from a fun hobby turned into a business suddenly and rapidly. I couldn’t be happier for the support I’ve received.
  1. What is Heena all about? What is it’s cultural significance? The name is Heena By Zeena, but the actual product is called Henna or Mendhi. It comes from a crushing leaves into a paste, which happens to leave temporary coloring on your skin. It’s very traditional and has been happening in India for years to create decorative designs on hands and feet for many different celebrations, but especially for weddings.
  1. If you have to share one thing about your heritage that you are most proud of what would that be? The thing I love about my Indian heritage is its ability to stay prevalent in modern times while still maintaining its powerful traditions. This includes henna, whereas it originally was only placed on hands and feet and for big celebrations, we now are seeing it moved to any event, and on other parts of the body, with jewels and glitter!
  1. A mentor, role model, or family member who has made a lasting impression on you, describe them in five words? My husband – My constant tickle of contentment.

BONUS: What has been the best advice you’ve received about Heena art and the business side of it all? When it comes to Henna, it’s important to keep practicing and be original. Try to go outside the box with your designs to be memorable in the industry. As for the business side, get active on social media! Post often with great images. It really attracts and engages people and shows off your dedication.